This disorder is classified as a chronic psychiatric illness characterized by a marked inability to think clearly, creating behavior that is eccentric and socially unacceptable. It is a condition that shatters meaningful connections between thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The condition destroys the inner unity of the mind, and weakens the will and drive that constitute the essential and personal character of the individual.

Catatonic type - dominated by a marked decrease in reactivity to the environment. It is characterized by the assumption of inappropriate or bizarre postures and grimaces. The individual may develop abnormalities affecting his speech, senses and body movements. He may often maintain a rigid posture against attempts to be moved. 

Disorganized type - presents with incoherent or grossly disorganized behavior. The affect is flat and inappropriate and self-care is below normal. There is a deterioration of functioning in all areas of life. If the onset is in childhood or adolescence, the disorder will be characterized by the failure to achieve expected levels of social development. The most observable characteristics are rambling and incoherent speech, senseless behavior and an inappropriate range of feelings. 

Paranoid type - exhibits a preoccupation with one or more systemized delusions or auditory hallucinations related to a single theme. Poor social development, lack of self-care and low levels of functioning in work, school and relationships are noted. These individuals are preoccupied with delusions or frequent auditory hallucinations, although speech and behavior may appear fairly normal at times. This form of the disease may appear in later life and has a better prognosis than the other types. 

Symptoms of schizophrenia are:

  • Seeing things, hearing things, or experiencing sensations that do not exist
  • Persistently believe in fixed ideas despite proof against the fact (delusions)
  • Unable to think in a logical manner (thought disorder)
  • Talk in rambling, disconnected, or incoherent manner
  • Unable to focus or stay on task 
  • Lacks will or motivation to complete a task
  • Function at a low level at school, work or in relationships
  • Feels followed, poisoned, infected, loved or deceived by others (delusions)
  • Shows few or inappropriate feelings
  • Tends to be homeless or without purpose
  • May not complete course of treatment, including medications 

Our Skills

  • Most essential is our core competence in recovery. We maintain an experienced team advancing our company-wide objective for highly applicable and cost effective mental health treatment.
  • We know how to manage a crisis.  We provide a rapid response to any situation as we can quickly evaluate the problem stabilize the condition and anticipate a positive outcome.
  • We apply our skills and expertise to help motivate individuals and groups to work together for the betterment of communities. 
  • Our client community is diverse and varied.  This diversity is reflected in our treatment staff allowing for healthy therapeutic relationships to develop.
  • We understand that other people's feelings are central to emotional well-being. Modeling this philosophy is essential for success. Our treatment programs focus on social awareness - the ability to understand and respond to the needs of others.

What Our Clients Say

  • Everyone made me feel welcome; the staff and clients from my first day. If I felt lost or confused I was pointed in the right direction or was given information to answer my questions. I had time to get adjusted to everything without feeling hurried.

  • All aspects of the program were special. The staff was kind well trained professional and experienced. Treatment was tailored to each person’s needs complemented by group therapy. My transformation has been wonderful.

  • InnerWisdom provided an approach to treatment that renewed my spirit mind and body. I would recommend the program to any of my family and friends. The environment is nurturing for anyone needing an environment for recovery.

  • I am very grateful that my treatment was at InnerWisdom Inc. This place is very special and that is because of the staff and caring environment.

  • Fabulous treatment program! Can’t put into words how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to come here.

  • Inner Wisdom has a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) where patients meet in groups with a therapist on a daily schedule. Patients have a variety of mental illness diagnoses including Bipolar Disorder Schizoaffective disorder Schizophrenia and substance abuse which interfere with their ability to live a full and productive life. Students will have the opportunity to shadow therapists facilitate therapy groups and Psychoeducation groups meet individually with patients and understand the case management required by Medicare and private insurance companies. Students work under a variety of therapists and can observe different styles and strengths. A strong team approach is encouraged. Students have the opportunity to get direct experience with patients and to use their skills creatively in offering therapy.

    Bonnie Fall
    Former Student Intern