Planning the Journey

Really important!  Don't skip this!

Achieving a Successful and Spiritually Steadfast Life

It is an established fact that a successful journey's end begins with a well-developed and highly refined plan, with great emphasis placed on the details. Just as it is with the planning of a journey from place to place, so it is with the journey one takes into the realm of one's spiritual nature.

First a map - a special legend that can be referred to from time to time, in case one looses the way. Second a compass - a tool that can assist in finding the right direction in which to go. Third a reliable vehicle - providing a way to go from place to place in the least wasteful and most efficient manner. And fourth rest stops - refueling stations and nourishment sites suitable for one's intended purpose.

Through the use of the recovery materials, you will be able to develop all of the tools necessary to allow you a safe and successful journey. There are several things you must know, however, before you begin your journey. As a Word of Precaution, please follow a well developed plan of action, as some of the recovery exercises may elicit deeply hidden memories and/or experiences that are best processed with a professional or a pastor who specializes in psychotherapy or counseling.

In order to develop a plan around your specific and personal situation, you must first know where you are and what you are about. No two people have had the same experiences or were exposed to the same set of circumstances, even though you grew up in the same family. Each person is an individual, with individual experiences. As a way for you to understand and plan for your specific journey, it will be necessary for you to complete an assessment of your past history and current lifestyle. The Health and Lifestyle Assessment was designed for that purpose, and will assist you in determining your strengths and your weaknesses. The assessment process is very important to the success of your journey. Please be as honest as you can be while completing the forms. It is not necessary to share the information with anyone unless you determine that it would be in your best interest to do so.

The assessment tool is complete and comprehensive. It takes into account the personalities of your parents or caregivers and the environment in which you were raised. It assesses for addictive, depressive and other mental health disorders, as well as for past and current medical problems. With this information, you can begin to "plot your course" and plan for your journey toward a carefully constructed and newly created life.

A portion of some self-help recovery workbooks contain information and exercises to use. If each person optimally uses a workbook, it will take some time to complete and process all of the exercises. One important insight you might have is that you as an adult may be protecting a small and forgotten frightened child living in your memories may be the source of your emotional pain, but also the source of your healing. It will be quite an experience when you make contact!

Our Skills

  • Most essential is our core competence in recovery. We maintain an experienced team advancing our company-wide objective for highly applicable and cost effective mental health treatment.
  • We know how to manage a crisis.  We provide a rapid response to any situation as we can quickly evaluate the problem stabilize the condition and anticipate a positive outcome.
  • We apply our skills and expertise to help motivate individuals and groups to work together for the betterment of communities. 
  • Our client community is diverse and varied.  This diversity is reflected in our treatment staff allowing for healthy therapeutic relationships to develop.
  • We understand that other people's feelings are central to emotional well-being. Modeling this philosophy is essential for success. Our treatment programs focus on social awareness - the ability to understand and respond to the needs of others.

What Our Clients Say

  • Everyone made me feel welcome; the staff and clients from my first day. If I felt lost or confused I was pointed in the right direction or was given information to answer my questions. I had time to get adjusted to everything without feeling hurried.

  • All aspects of the program were special. The staff was kind well trained professional and experienced. Treatment was tailored to each person’s needs complemented by group therapy. My transformation has been wonderful.

  • InnerWisdom provided an approach to treatment that renewed my spirit mind and body. I would recommend the program to any of my family and friends. The environment is nurturing for anyone needing an environment for recovery.

  • I am very grateful that my treatment was at InnerWisdom Inc. This place is very special and that is because of the staff and caring environment.

  • Fabulous treatment program! Can’t put into words how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to come here.

  • Inner Wisdom has a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) where patients meet in groups with a therapist on a daily schedule. Patients have a variety of mental illness diagnoses including Bipolar Disorder Schizoaffective disorder Schizophrenia and substance abuse which interfere with their ability to live a full and productive life. Students will have the opportunity to shadow therapists facilitate therapy groups and Psychoeducation groups meet individually with patients and understand the case management required by Medicare and private insurance companies. Students work under a variety of therapists and can observe different styles and strengths. A strong team approach is encouraged. Students have the opportunity to get direct experience with patients and to use their skills creatively in offering therapy.

    Bonnie Fall
    Former Student Intern