About Inner Wisdom

Recognizing the need for help and seeking professional therapy is a sign of strength and determination to live a productive and meaningful life. As a part of living our lives, we encounter situations that are difficult to manage alone. For some, we seek support due to a situational crisis. For others, treatment may be necessary to manage a brain disorder, more commonly known as a mental illness. But whatever the reason, it is a well known fact that therapy helps.

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Mission Statement

Providing hope, encouragement and confidence through counseling, education, and dedication.Our goal is to provide each individual with personal, innovative, cost effective, and problem-solving treatment approaches to mental health care. Each individual is treated in a time limited, goal-directed manner. A skilled team of counselors and practitioners work together to help each individual achieve a level of recovery beyond what they originally expected.

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The Affordable Care Act

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  • Depression
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Mental Illnes
  • Elder's and Retirement Issues
  • Stress as Result of Illness
  • Sadness and Grief
  • Divorce and Relationships
  • Adult and Adolescent