Skill Building Partial Hospital Program

Day Program for Mental Illness and Co-Occuring Mental Illness/ Substance Abuse

Mental Health service systems traditionally have been inadequately designed to treat the complex population of those dealing with Substance Abuse and Mental Illness. Typically, mental health programs treat individuals with mental illness and those with addictions separately. In some cases separate programs is appropriate. However, if the individual is diagnosed with both conditions, the conditions must be treated simultaneously. Innerwisdom addresses both illnesses together when necessary.

Denial is an inherent part of the condition, both with the individual and with members of the family. It is difficult to admit to both situations. A gradual approach to breaking through the denial system is usually more affective, as individuals may not have adequate insight into the seriousness and scope of the problem. Abstinence is the ultimate goal of the Partial Hospital Program, but is not a precondition for entering treatment.

Through the use of many of the Clinical Activities that are used in the other Partial Hospital Programs, the plan of treatment focuses on the development of the skill necessary to recover from the addiction problem, as well as working on the issues that encompass the mental illness.

Attention is given to social networks that can serve as important reinforcement. Individuals are given opportunities to develop socialization and coping skills, and are taught how to access appropriate recreational activities and develop peer relationships. Their families are offered support and education as well.

Individuals do not always recognize or publicly acknowledge that they have a problem when first entering treatment. A non-confrontational, but direct approach to the addiction and the mental illness is maintained throughout treatment. As individuals meet in small groups and talk about the issues of their illness, they begin to develop the insight and understanding that allows them to develop the necessary skills to recover.