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Recognizing the need for help and seeking professional therapy is a sign of strength and determination to live a productive and meaningful life. As a part of living our lives, we encounter situations that are difficult to manage alone. For some, we seek support due to a situational crisis. For others, treatment may be necessary to manage a brain disorder, more commonly known as a mental illness. But whatever the reason, it is a well known fact that therapy helps.


Millions of people seek therapy every year. Through therapy, many find a renewed sense of well being and experience life-changing situations. Therapy is a mental and emotional process that uses specialized techniques that have been designed to offer effective, long-lasting help for people suffering from a wide range of difficulties, such as emotional distress, anxiety, marital strife, fears, a significant loss, or a clinical brain disorder.


Some people seek therapy to assist them in resolving life's problems, while others are looking for fulfillment, self-improvement, and personal growth.  InnerWisdom Counseling Centers provides Treatment Programs and Outpatient Programs, including Mental Health Programs, Substance Abuse and Addictions Programs,and recovery programs for Elders, adults, adolescents and children.


Information and Treatment Philosophy - Using the Mind as an Agent for Change

InnerWisdom, Inc. practitioners and therapists work with the mind to bring long-term improvement to clients by combining the traditional and widely used methods of mental health care with those methods that may be less widely used, but are nonetheless greatly effective.


The basic principal supporting our approach to treatment is that healing is a natural process common to all life. If people pay close attention to the ways of nature, and learn to encourage their own body/mind's innate mechanisms of self-repair, they can initiate the process before severe and irreversible damage is done.


Healing is a process that relies on the three parts of the individual self, the Body, Soul and Spirit, to work in unison, and contribute equally to the overall process. Only until recently has the mind been regarded as a contributing factor in health or healing.


InnerWisdom, Inc's philosophy and treatment design is based, in part, on the theories of three men who spent their entire lives in the pursuit of the human emotional experience, and how the integration of the three parts of the self could be accomplished. The work of VICTOR EMANUEL FRANKL, CARL GUSTAV JUNG, and ABRAHAM MASLOW was an important factor in to the development of treatment programs that are provided at InnerWisdom, Inc., Counseling Center.

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